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Nail growth!

Finally see some real difference in my nails! Easy to take too.

The Vegan Once Daily

I wish it didn't take so long to get my order - but I'm happy that I was patient!

This multivitamin makes ensuring that you're getting enough of the right vitamins/minerals everyday so easy and efficient whether you're vegan or not! It just makes my heart happier knowing they were ethically and sustainably sourced. They don't leave any lasting, funny aftertaste and I really do enjoy them. When I first placed my order however, it took me almost a month to receive them - when I emailed I received no reply, but when I called, James was nice enough to answer and let me know that they just received a surplus of orders they weren't expecting and were filling them ASAP. --- Long story short, Verb Vitamins are a great product, just don't be upset as they get more popular and it takes a bit longer to receive your shipment.


Love this vitamin but if you are prone to iron stopping up your GI system, beware


Very pleased & believe this choice has done the trick for me!

Thank you!

Good to cover the gaps

While I haven't noticed any physical difference, it is very convenient. And it is nice that they don't cram in a massive DV. Close to 100% is fine, thanks. Will continue to take.

The Vegan Once Daily

Finally Found Help!

I've been a vegetarian for over 5 years and usually eat pretty well but I knew that I wasn't getting everything I needed all the time. A busy mom of two toddlers, I was always feeling tired and foggy, and like I just wasn't fully myself. I did a lot of research and compared so many different vitamins and finally settled on Verb for a few reasons. First, I am thrilled you only need to take one pill a day and it won't break the bank to do so. All of the ingredients are carefully chosen so you get just the right amount. Second, I fell in love with the mission of this company and I'm inspired by their philanthropy. Finally, I love that I can have a subscription and never have to worry about running out!

Easy to Love

These vitamins give my husband and me peace of mind as we continue our practice of keeping to a vegan diet. When I accidentally made duplicate orders, one of the company’s owners immediately responded and resolved the issue. Finally we love the earth friendly packaging.

Great vitamins

I’ve been a vegetarian for the past 3 years and have tried quite a few vitamins. This one is by far my favorite, I feel the difference in my strength and overall daily health when I take these vitamins.

Great product!


The perfect multi vitamin for vegans! And I love how there's no Niacin because I'm allergic. Just natural vitamins to complete a vegan lifestyle!

I love Verb!

Great multivitamins for my vegan lifestyle. I love that they come in environmentally friendly packaging. No complaints!

Verb Once a Day Vitamin

Happy with the multi vitamin, glad the source of the supplements are all vegan! No indigestion with these like with some other brands I’ve tried!

Slight inconsistency

I don’t take vitamins based on taste, but I’ve noticed that this last bottle I received was not as “strong smelling/tasting” as the one previous. So something changed; obviously for the better. I just hope it is more consistent on the future.


I love the daily vitamin I take it right before bed and it’s working great.

Just what I needed!

I have been looking for vegan vitamins that are in recyclable packaging and no iodine, and this fit the bill!!!!

Less is more

I Love these vitamins..only what you need and nothing more!
Happy I found them. Happy to be part of autoship option so I don't run out!

A Take Back Program for Bottles

I really like that Verb Vitamins come packaged in glass bottles. That’s a huge plus in my book, as I try to adopt a low waste lifestyle. What would be fantastic is if Verb offered the ability to return empty bottles for sanitizing and reuse.

Best vegan vitamins!

Ever since I changed my diet I have been looking for the best quality vitamins. A friend recommended them and I’m grateful for that. They have helped so much! Great price, all natural, a great company all around!

The Vegan Once Daily

Verb Vitamins

It’s really great to find a ethical company with a great product! With so many vitamins on the market and a lot of study on the subject I felt good about Verb.I love that it gives me everything I need and nothing I don’t! This company was also certified animal free by BeVeg.I love finding a quality vitamin and a company that cares about more than just the bottom $

I love it.

These vitamins make a lot off energy and I feel warm inside my body. I hope make more various other vitamins in future. Thank you.

Second Month of vitamins

I am happy with the vitamins. I am doing something good for me while causing no suffering.

Love Verb Vitamins!

Heard from ya’ll through my sister. Starting taking the once daily pill and I feel great! Definitely would recommend to anyone who is Vegan!