Developed Specifically for Vegans


Eight Essential Nutrients




Doctors and plant-based dietitians agree on the common nutritional deficiencies facing the plant-eater. The Vegan One Daily contains eight essential nutrients that work together to fill in those gaps so you can get back to doing you.

Not too little, not too much, but just the right amount to complete your plant-based diet. It's simple: Just take one daily.

Doctors and plant-based dietitians agree on the common nutritional deficiencies facing the plant-eater. 

Eight Vitamins and Minerals for Vegans

The Vegan One Daily contains eight essential nutrients that work together to fill in those gaps so you can focus on doing you.

Not too little, not too much, but just the right amount of each to complete your plant-based lifestyle. It's simple: Just take one daily.


The highest quality vegan omega 3

DHA Omega 3

Domestically-sourced algae

300 mg


It's widely recognized that both vegans AND vegetarians struggle to get enough Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. Why? Because they are most commonly founded in animal products like fish. But why eat fish to get your omegas when you can just eat what the fish do instead?  

Clinically shown to support brain and cell development, our 96% pure algae will keep your skin glowing and your smarts flowing.

The highest quality vegan vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12

Plant-sourced microorganisms

3 mcg


Perhaps the most important and yet most misunderstood nutrient for vegans, Vitamin B-12 plays a vital role for our red blood cells, metabolism, and therefore, our energy levels. Because it is found almost exclusively in foods like meat and dairy, supplementing with an appropriate plant-based source is crucial. We get our B-12 from micro-organisms similar to the ones cows munch on.

Beware of supplements offering extreme doses of B-12! Unless you have been advised by a medical professional to do so, taking excessive amounts of B-12 can harm your kidneys and liver without providing additional benefits. The daily recommended intake for healthy energy levels is 2.4 mcg. We've included slightly more at 3 mcg, while staying safely below levels that can be toxic to your body.

The highest quality vegan zinc


For healthy hormones

11 mg


Why Zinc? Because its most often found in red meat and chicken, and because it plays a vital role in regulating our hormones. Alongside Magnesium, B-12, and Iron, Zinc has been clinically shown to increase healthy testosterone production in males AND healthy estrogen production in females.   

If that weren't enough, Zinc also works alongside Vitamin C to protect our cells and reduce skin inflammation, and works alongside Omega 3 to improve learning and comprehension. We've included your entire recommended daily intake so we think, feel, and look our best.

The highest quality vegan calcium


Optimal form and dose

100 mg


Similar to Magnesium, a healthy plant-based diet will provide you with some Calcium. It's important as plant eaters that we don't consume an excessive amount, as this can harm our liver and kidneys without providing additional benefit.

The best way to supplement with calcium is with a low dose in conjunction with adequate levels of Magnesium and Vitamin D-3 to maximize nutritional synergies while avoiding over-exposure. We've done just that by graduating our dose of Calcium and providing it in a form that best interacts with the other nutrients.

The best vegan vitamin C

Vitamin C

For added immune support

90 mg


We all know that Vitamin C boosts our immunity. But how? Vitamin C helps direct immune cells called neutrophils to sites of infection to defends those cells against free radicals. Alongside Algae Omega, it may also bolster the fatty membranes in skin and connective tissue, thus further protecting organs like the lungs from pathogens. 

And when it's not busy stopping free radicals, C helps activate several key enzymes in the body, which go on to synthesize hormones and build collagen. We've included the full daily recommended intake of 90 mg.

The best vegan vitamin D-3

Vitamin D-3

Patented, plant-sourced lichens

20 mcg


Like the rest of the nutrients in Verb, Vitamin D-3 is often found in dairy and other animal products we want to avoid consuming. We, of course, get some of what we need from the sun! But excessive exposure to rays is harmful, and when we find ourselves stuck inside for longer than we would like our mood can suffer. Why? Because D-3 plays a vital role in fighting depression. 

In addition, D-3 works synergistically with Calcium and Magnesium to strengthen our bones and increase our athletic capacities. We've included 100% of your daily recommended intake sourced from lichens by Vitashine--the only vegan D-3 on the market.

The highest quality vegan iron


In a safe and gentle form

18 mg


Why Iron? Because it's most readily found in animal foods that originally contained hemoglobin, such as red meats, fish, and poultry. Your body absorbs more Iron from heme sources, but unfortunately plant sources are non-heme.That's why we have included the right kind in Verb. When combined with Vitamin C and B-12, Iron is an unsung and often overlooked hero for vegans. 

18 mgs/day promotes restful sleep, and ensures proper immune functioning. Excessive amounts can be toxic, so we've included exactly 18mgs of the most readily-absorbable form.

The highest quality vegan magnesium


Correctly proportioned

75 mg


A healthy plant-based diet will provide some, but typically not all, the Magnesium we need to be at our best. Why? Because it's found mostly in dairy products, but also sparingly in beans, nuts, and whole grains. Designed to complete your plant-based diet, not replace it, Verb intentionally provides a moderate dose so you can be at your daily recommended intake of this essential mineral without risking over-exposure. 

When taken together, Magnesium works with D-3, B-12, and Calcium to form important proteins, facilitate energy creation, and enhance our exercise performance. 


vegan vitamin with correct doses

Optimized Dosing

-Full recommended daily values of the most critical nutrients and graduated dosing of those which plants marginally provide

-Engineered to maximize nutrient interactions and synergies

Once daily vegan vitamin

Single Capsule Formula

-Maximized absorption and bioavailability


-Organic rice filler only

-Vegan encapsulation with no perfumes, added flavors or coloring

vegan vitamins made in the USA

Transparent Production

-Marketed by friends and family in Los Angeles

-Featuring domestically-harvested algae

-FDA regulated production in New York

-Sent directly by Verb Vitamins from Miracle Mile

eco-friendly and cruelty-free vegan vitamins

Sustainable Packaging

-Glass bottle and aluminum cap

-Recycled packing material

-Biodegradable box, label, and tape


vegan vitamin for energy and focus

Boost Energy and 

Sharpen Focus

Vegan vitamin for immune system

Increase Immunity 

and Regulate Hormones

Vegan vitamin for depression and anxiety

Fight Depression 

and Ease Anxiety

Vegan vitamin for hair and skin

Strengthen Hair and 

Build Collagen

Vegan vitamin for learning and memory

Improve Learning

and Memory

Vegan Vitamins for stronger teeth, nails, and bones

Strengthen Teeth, 

Nails, and Bones

Vegan vitamins for clear skin

Reduce Skin Inflammation

and Protect Cells 

Vitamins that enhance exercise performance

Enhance Exercise 


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